Our Environment

Green Facilities and Carbon Management

  • Place stringent controls to monitor the potential risks of various environmental issues
  • Enhance the efficiency of environmental protection and emission reduction schemes through continual collaboration with tertiary institutions
In FY2017
74,000 mt of CO2e emissions

Energy Management and Use of Resources

  • Establish Environmental Protection Policy and Environmental Management System to manage energy consumption and use of resources
In FY2017
88,000,000 kWh electricity consumption

Air Emissions and Management

  • Numerous measures are in place in order to minimise air emissions during different stages of our manufacturing process

Water Resources Management

  • Adopt an approach on wastewater management that considers recycling means first, then through proper treatment and disposal of the wastewater where recycling is not possible
In FY2017
336,000 tonnes domestic water discharged
37,000 tonnes industrial water discharged

Waste Management

  • Collectively manage general waste created at our offices and POS by licensed operators
  • Other waste items such as flat batteries, LED lights and cleaning agent bottles etc. are managed by property management and disposed by authorised operators
In FY2017
280 tonnes packing materials used
26,000 kg recycled materials (Paper)