Our People


  • Talent is one of our valuable assets. We promote an inclusive corporate culture and foster a diversified workforce
  • As at 31 March 2017, we had 29,450 employees

Health and Safety

  • Committed to providing a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees and raising the awareness of occupational health and safety
  • Continuously carry out “Zero-Accident Programme” which establishes more frequent inspection routine in addition to the monthly inspections in our factories
In FY2017
134 Work-related injuries
0 Fatality record

Employment Welfare

Promotion of work-life balance

  • Implement family-friendly measures
  • Organise wide variety of recreational activities and interest classes for our employees

Communication with employees

  • Various channels are available for communicating with our employees
  • Latest information and development of the Group are available on our online platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Leti and iShare, etc

Training and Development

  • Various trainings in specific skills are provided to enhance the professional skills of our staff
In FY2017
714,000 Training hours
3,800 Training classes