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"CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK • To Tell The Truth Journey" Press Conference

Chow Tai Fook officially launched the new diamond brand on 10 August at the "CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK • To Tell The Truth Journey" press conference held at Ocean Terminal Main Concourse, Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. Artist Fiona Sit was invited to showcase the CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK "Touch" Collection valued over HK$4 million. From 10 to 16 August, the namesake exhibition will also lead visitors to experience the amazing journey of T MARK diamonds through innovative technologies.

The initiative of this new diamond brand CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK revolutionises the century-old diamond authentication with the pioneering 4Ts concept (Traceable, Transparent, Truthful and Thoughtful). Each CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK diamond is inscribed with a "T MARK" marking by our patented technology. The marking, essentially a set of unique serial numbers, traces the journey of each stone from sourcing to production, and representing a trustworthy promise of sincerity, faith and belief.