Le Labyrinthe Artistique


An Homage to Abstract Artists Transpiring Artistic Vision with Imagination

The high jewellery collection “Le Labyrinthe Artistique” is the Group’s first art jewellery collection presented in homage to titans of abstract art. The collection comprises 15 sets of high jewellery that draw inspiration from the masterpieces of prominent abstract artists. Each set represents a distinctive celebration of the geometric oeuvres unique to the modern period.

The exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces pay tribute to the geometric forms, lines, dynamic colours and energetic compositions of the titans of abstract art. Precious gemstones are combined with impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional interpretation to inject new vigor and life into the works of the artists. The essence of beauty is elevated by the elegant lines and vibrant colours, gracing the necks, wrists and fingers of modern women with timeless charm. The abstract maze in colour and form offers an unprecedented artistic experience.

Les Blocs de Fantaisie

Taking inspiration from Piet Mondrian’s vibrant colour blocks and the simplicity of his grid-like patterns, the interplay between positive and negative spaces of this necklace is presented through green tourmalines, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, 18K yellow gold and black chalcedony.

La Cascade de Lumière

Inspired by Mondrian’s reverence for universal harmony, the necklace is highlighted by a 5-carat marquise-shaped diamond, a cascade of glistening diamonds set in 18K white gold and yellow gold, and features a wings-like silhouette displaying a gradient effect with yellow, gold and brown diamonds spread across the shoulders reminiscent of piano keys sounding blissful melodies in a serenade to the beauty of nature.