Ombre di Milano

Ombre di Milano

Animal Visions with Artistic Creations Unveils the vision of perfection in the Shadows of Milan

Ombre di Milano High Jewellery Collection boasts 15 treasures of art that tie a perfect knot between diverse design elements and the ultimate artistic atmosphere of Milan. The resultant works inspire imaginations of a walk through an art gallery, drinking in the sophisticated beauty of the artistic jewellery creations that strike a chord in the beholders.

Chow Tai Fook handpicks a variety of precious materials worldwide through a perfect marriage of unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Concepts of the sun, the moon and the five elements of the universe give birth to an exquisite collection which integrates the beauty of nature in an array of colours, shapes and texture. With nature as the muse, this intricate series is an artistic delineation of Whale, Flamingo, Giraffe, Snake, Bat, Humming Bird and Snowy Owl; unveiling the vision of perfection in the Shadows of Milan.

Glacial Blizzard

The piece displays a snowy owl in a snow storm. The white baguette diamonds frame the scene like an ice-rimmed window. Fancy-shape diamonds and water opals are mounted in 18K white gold to look like a snowy owl spreading its wings amid flying snowflakes. A pear-shaped diamond on the owl’s head adds a highlight to the piece.

Lush Dewdrops

A timepiece that does so much more than telling the time. The white diamond pavè dial and yellow diamond clad bezel exude an air of luxury. Natural green jade and icy jade in organic forms spiral around the bezel like the lush crown of a blooming tree. The bracelet adorned by icy jade in various shapes looks like the first glistening dewdrops in the morning.