We value our heritage and strive to preserve and promote craftsmanship, nurture innovation and embed our "Do Good" spirit in our corporate culture. We are proud to share our progress over the past year in delivering on our commitment to integrate sustainability into our business and interactions with our stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability involves responsibly managing our operations and supply chain and contributing to the sustainable evolution of both our business and our community. We encourage the efficient use of economic, social and environmental resources while being mindful of our responsibility to society and creating shared value with our stakeholders and in the community.

We uphold governance and ethical business practices that support our economic sustainability, and guide our pragmatic approach of focusing on sustainability issues that matter and creating positive impact for our stakeholders. Our approach to implementing sustainability is outlined in the following diagram.

Sustainability Approach

Sustainability Approach

Sustainability Journey

We see sustainability as a continuous journey consisting of four key components: stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, the formulation of sustainability strategies as well as implementation and improvement. These key elements are reviewed and updated regularly in a continuous effort to improve our sustainability performance.

Sustainability Journey at Chow Tai Fook
Highlights of FY2018
Key Achievements in FY2018
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