Our Environment

Our Environmental Protection Policy guides us in managing the consumption of resources and reducing the environmental impact stemming from our daily operations.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission ("GHG") Management

Reduction Initiatives at Our Production Hubs

  • Adopt natural lighting where possible, while LED light bulbs and energy-efficient T5 fluorescent tubes are used to reduce electricity consumption
  • Maintain air-conditioning systems at around 25°C to conserve energy
  • Use the environmentally-responsible materials to reduce heat transmission and as a result, greatly reduce air-conditioning demand
  • Install our production machines with timers so that machines switch off automatically or switch to low-speed mode when not in use

Reduction Initiatives at Our POS

  • Install LED or compact fluorescent bulbs to conserve electricity
  • All of our POS in Hong Kong (excluding those in shopping malls) participate in the Charter on External Lighting, which was advocated by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the HKSAR Government

In FY2018

Electricity consumed

93,200,000 kWh
The consumption of energy generated GHG emissions

Total GHG emissions

80,000 tCO2e

Water Resources Management

In FY2018 Water consumption 509,000 m3
  • Prioritise water recycling and reuse in our production lines whenever possible
  • Pretreat wastewater prior to discharge in compliance with relevant regulations
  • Place posters and notices in office pantries and washrooms to encourage water conservation

Air Emissions and Management

  • Numerous measures are in place in order to minimise air emissions during different stages of our manufacturing process
  • Monitor air emissions regularly by conducting regular air sample tests on levels of poisonous gases generated and installing real-time surveillance systems in our production hub in Wuhan

Waste Management

  • Provide bins and trays in offices to collect recyclable materials, such as used plastic bottles, aluminium cans, paper and ink cartridges to encourage recycling
  • Engage licensed contractors to ensure proper treatment and disposal
Desert conservation project
Promotion of low carbon life style
Family environmental day