Sustainability Governance

We established governance structure oversees, provides direction and monitors and reviews our performance to ensure the effective delivery of our sustainability commitments.

Management Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

Throughout our Group, we have assigned roles and responsibilities to the Board and within our management structure to effectively adopt a two-way communication flow that enables a top-down setting of strategic direction for the Group and a bottom-up implementation, monitoring, reporting and analysis of actions and performance, as outlined in the table below.

Reporting and Analysis

Board of Directors

  • Provides leadership for the Group and direction for management as an independent decision-making body

Executive Committee

  • Approves the Group's sustainability strategies and ensures alignment with the Group's business plans
  • Monitors and reviews the execution of the Group’s strategic plans and operations

Sustainability Committee

  • Drafts strategies and implements key strategic actions
  • Monitors and reviews implementation processes and the effectiveness of sustainability programmes
  • Ensures effective ESG risk management and internal control systems are in place

Sustainability Task Force

  • Communicates strategies with different departments to ensure measures are incorporated in business operations
  • Establishes standards and guidelines to reinforce the performance review of sustainability programmes
  • Fosters the identification, evaluation, control and reporting of ESG-related risks
Strategic Direction