Ethical Business Practices

We regard honesty, integrity and fair play as core values that must be upheld by all directors and staff at all times. Any malpractice related to bribery, extortion, fraud or anti-money laundering are strictly prohibited within the Group.

Policies and Procedures

  • We have policies and procedures to ensure all directors and staff are well informed of expected ethical conduct, including:
  • Our policies and procedures outline training requirements, processes for continuous monitoring to ensure compliance, as well as mechanisms for reporting and responding to any potential issues or incidents, and for the regular review and update of the policies and procedures


  • We conduct training sessions for our staff to strengthen their knowledge of compliance and corporate governance. Training covers risk management, intellectual property rights, personal data privacy and the promotion of a culture of integrity, which includes preventive measures against corruption and money laundering

Whistleblowing System

  • We provide a confidential channel to encourage employees to raise concerns on suspected frauds and other misconduct within the Group without retaliation

Adherence to Industry Standards

  • We adhere to international industry codes of practice, including the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, the "Best Practice Principles" of De Beers, the "Code of Practices" of Responsible Jewellery Council and other local industry codes, such as the "Code of Practice for the Jewellery Retail Sector" of the Hong Kong Consumer Council