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Chow Tai Fook Fully Sponsors "Ancient Chinese Gold Techniques" Research Project and "Golden Techniques: Art of the Chinese Goldsmiths" exhibition

The Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook has cooperated with Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong ("CUHK"), the Shaanxi Institute for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, the Conservation Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong in the research project "Ancient Chinese Gold Techniques" since 2014. The research project is for the first time using interdisciplinary research methods, combining technology, archaeology, art history and reconstruction experiments to examine and reconstruct several major ancient goldsmith techniques. The entire research project is fully sponsored and supported by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group. In an in-depth study of ancient Chinese goldworking techniques, definitions of several techniques have been clarified and some standards of valuable references for the industry have also been set. The project helps promote the sustainable development of the industry and has great significance in the preservation and inheritance of traditional techniques.

The goldsmiths of the Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook, together with researchers at Art Museum of CUHK and the Shaanxi Institute for Conservation of Cultural Heritage, have visited many museums and research institutes of cultural relics across the country over the past three years, closely studying and examining ancient gold objects, and differentiating the techniques in detail. The experienced goldsmiths of Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook have provided technical supports in applying the techniques in practice, and conducted simulation experiments on a number of ancient Chinese gold techniques based on a large amount of preliminary work, including observations and analyses of actual objects as well as research of historical documents. The scientific data collected from the products of these simulation experiments could be compared with those of unearthed objects, providing important standards for identifying ancient gold working techniques.

To present the achievements of the research project, the "Golden Techniques: Art of the Chinese Goldsmiths" exhibition is held in Art Museum of CUHK from July to September this year. It features over 40 pieces (sets) of carefully-selected ancient Chinese gold and silver wares from private collections as well as the collection of Art Museum, and samples from reconstruction experiments as well as traditional goldsmith’s tools, both from the Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook. In particular, the "Gold Rooster" produced by the Master Studio of Chow Tai Fook was exhibited. By applying the ancient Chinese gold techniques such as die-stamping, hammering and toreutics, leisi filigree, and gold inlaying, the "Gold Rooster" has proved the feasibility of ancient Chinese goldworking techniques. The exhibition is open for public and fully sponsored by the Group.